Discrimination against truckers

My husband is an over the road truck driver. This morning before he was to pick up his loaded trailer he went to a Walmart in Columbus Ohio, did his shopping and got around $200 worth of merchandise and groceries. When he was going back to his truck he found a tow truck trying to tow his tractor (he was bobtailing). He talked to the driver and got him to not tow the tractor then went back to the store and talked to a manager. The manager stated that they do not allow commercial vehicles to park in their parking lot and that truckers are not allowed to shop at their store. Jason (my husband) then took all his stuff and returned it and received all his money back. According to the manager all Walmarts are starting to do the same thing. Swift Transport (whom Jason is contracted with) plus other transport companies are the ones who make it possible for them to stay in business.
#Discrimination #Walmart #TruckDrivers