The Splintered Wall

My dream last night was one of my weird one’ it goes.

I’m at this store in the parking lot and I’m on the phone with my dad making plans to meet him someplace in a hurry, why I don’t know but I had to get there fast. I hop on the freeway and when I get off I am in the wrong lane and end up going back across the freeway instead of off the exit ramp onto the street I needed to be on, anyway I come up to this gas station on a corner and instead of getting back on the freeway and correcting my mistake I ended up going down this road and on the right hand side was this huge wall, like someone had made a street that went straight up about 800 feet and on this wall was green glowing/glittery goopy liquid that didn’t go anywhere, it just seemed to stay right there, but you could tell it was moving. There was this car trying to drive up the wall and you could hear his tires popping. This guy was yelling at the guy in the car telling him to get off the wall, that it was dangerous and that  the street worker don’t even go near it, and to get down because it will slice you up like razor blades if you come in contact with it. Then there is a blank spot, then I’m there again the next day but I’m on a ledge at the top of this wall and I can’t figure out how I got there or how to get down. Then this guy appears floating in the air, but it’s not just any guy, it’s the customer service agent at the cell phone store I go to “Chris” is his name. He yells at me and says “didn’t you hear the guy yesterday?”  he told a guy that this wall will slice you like razor blades if you come in contact with it. So I asked him how I could get off of the ledge and he says slide down or jump, well if I slide I’m dead from being shredded and if I jump I’m dead from the fall. Then I wake up!

Yea I have some pretty weird dreams sometimes!!


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I'm 41 and I'm in the process of trying to pursue my dreams of being a journalist.

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