Grandma Ilas Horses (weekly challenge, objects)

When my grandma Ila was still alive she would paint those paint by number pictures. When she passed away I inherited all those paintings in which she had made frames for out of wood. Most of those paintings were of horses.

Above my computer desk hanging on the wall is my favorite, I’ll sit and stair at that painting for hours. The painting is of 1 mare and a colt. The colt is standing about half way under the mares neck and they are in a stable stall with multicolored hay in it, the walls are painted with three different shades of green and is made out of wood. The colt stands about 4 hands is two toned brown with a long black mane and tail. The mare stands about 7-8 hands and is mostly white with grey on her hind legs and under her neck she also has a long white mane and tail.

The painting is a little rough like canvas,it’s a rectangular shape and is roughly about 30 inches in length and about 20 inches in width. The homemade frame is wood and was painted dark brown. She used tiny picture nails to keep the frame around the painting and used twine hooked around two of the nails in order to hang them on the wall. The painting is not very big nor is it worth any amount of money but when I look at it, it takes me back to when I use to help my grandma Ila in her sewing room which is where she had the horse paintings displayed proud, she taught me how to sew on her antique sewing machine that I’m proud to say I also own now. machine.


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I'm 41 and I'm in the process of trying to pursue my dreams of being a journalist.

3 thoughts on “Grandma Ilas Horses (weekly challenge, objects)”

  1. Thanks for sharing your story – oddly mine is about paint by the numbers which unfortunately is not a good thing in my post. It is nice to know that there are pieces of work there that remind you of family – I feel rather small after reading this.

    1. Jenni I read your post after I read your comment, and although a mans thoughts in art are a lot different than ours..some things just can’t be changed. I did not see any reason why you should feel small – for why should you feel anything but relieved to have a way to get your frustrations out? I agree with you 100% !

      1. Thanks – I’m a bit of an art snob I think – comes from being raised around it and having a mother who collected and taught me what to look for. Most of it is the feelings engendered by the piece of work you view – unfortunately for me that piece only makes me feel vaguely nauseous and in fear for my sight.

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